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Fine Furniture, Design, & Sculpture
Florissant, Colorado 80816, USA
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Step Into a World of Superior Concept, Design, and Craftsmanship...

  • Don Bush has been a furniture/cabinet designer/starving artist since 1975.
  • His work shows his abilities and dedication to unique form and proper function with quality.
  • He can create from your idea or one of his own.
  • His ability to give his clients a beautiful finished product with great attention to detail and, of course, his sense of imagination and humor has kept him doing what he likes.
Let Don Bush build for you a handmade rocking chair, wood sculpture, custom furniture pieces, or complete custom construction to your individual requirements.

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Rockin' Art - ergonomically designed sculptured furniture
Alder and black walnut tables, shaped to fit a corner or along a wall.

Don's rocking chairs, although inspired by the ergonomics of the renowned and exquisitely crafted Sam Maloof rocking chairs, are not copies of the Maloof design.

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Don Bush Art
11777 Teller Cty. Rd. #1
Florissant, Colorado 80816-9003
(719) 689-2571,   cell: (719) 659-7687

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